Monday, 9 May 2011

Ups and Downs

As I sit here during the last ten minutes of my lunch break, I'm pondering the week that's just passed. 

Last week started really well - I said no to the staff birthday cake going around (Caramel mudcake - YUM!), and everyone was impressed at my self control.  But it was all downhill from there...

So many excuses, and my best friend visiting from Cairns, and relationship issues meant that I wasn't at the gym for 6 days.  And I missed the first Group Work out.  Very disappointed in myself.

 I found out that I was eating carbs at every meal - and lots of them (did any one else know that tomatoes are mostly carbs?).  So I'm making changes - Slowly.

However, I had my first ever personal training session yesterday - It was great! I felt like a fool, my trainer is so fit and strong - She was lifting heaps and heaps and I was struggling on the lowest settings.  But I'll keep at it, and it'll all be fine.

I hit the gym this morning before work, and I'm paying for it now.  I can hardly move, let alone think.  My back aches, my shoulders, ribs and legs ache. And my head aches - though I can't blame the gym for that one.

I'm so tired - falling asleep at the computer.  But that's okay, I've done everything that was urgent for today, so I can take it a bit easier this afternoon. 

I've planned grilled fish with garlic prawns and salad for dinner tonight, as a welcome back surprise for Shell- I'm excited!! I don't think I'm going to want to cook it though... So much effort!!

I'm so excited to get onto this eating plan with the 12wbt; I hate having to think everything through so much!! I'd rather Mish tell me what to eat and when.  It's easier.

Not excited about the gym tomorrow - though at least I can do cardio and not weights!!

-Caty x

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