Wednesday, 25 May 2011

"Week one" - Weigh in complete!

Jumped on the scales on the weekend to see I've put weight on.. Damn.. BUT weighed in this morning like we're supposed to - 4.2kg gone! YAYYYYY

The first hurdle is over.  I still have to do my 'before' photo - I'm going to get Shell to do it tomorrow night :)

I need to figure out what my commitment is - that's one of the pre season tasks I apparently haven't finished.  Hmm....

Anyway, had a FABULOUS day today - there were 13 responses within 40 minutes from the forum I posted on today... All sending me major messages of love and support - all from people I've never met! It was great - made me feel so welcome..

I'm constantly being surprised by these meals - they've all been so tasty! I've mixed up my menu a bit, having things out of order etc... I'm doing my 'treat meal' tomorrow, because I'm going out for lunch with my Aunt.  Which is fine, because I'm taking all my own food for the weekend to camp...

On that note, I have to go prepare - I'm sure I'll be back ranting soon!!!

-Caty x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The response. Becky B - You're AMAZING!

Hi Caty

I too switched the alarm off on Monday and Tuesday morning… I love exercising in the cold weather but I also enjoy snuggling up under my doona for “5 more minutes” which often turns into an hour.  Nutrition is a large contributing factor to weight loss and you’re sticking to the meal plan, which is great! Keep it up!

The exercise routine will come, how fast is up to you.  Consistency is the key… challenge yourself to go every morning for the rest of the week, you’ll probably be exhausted for the first week or two, but before long your body will automatically wake you up at 4:30am and you’ll want to go because you’ll enjoy going and starting your day with a workout. 

I have to wake up at 4:50am to get ready to go to the gym or go for a walk as well.  I’m usually quite useless dressing myself at that hour of the morning grin so I have my clothes and everything I need ready to go so I don’t have to think.  At times I even put my alarm somewhere in my room where I physically have to get up to switch it off. 

It’s good to have a couple of workout DVDs, you can add them to your routine a couple of mornings a week, then you don’t have to drive to the gym every morning.  Chris and Gonnabannda’s idea of taking a walk in your lunch break is a great idea! I don’t know why I don’t do this, I work in such a beautiful area by the river! I’m definately going to start doing this.

When it comes to meals, like Andi has suggested, I look at the meal options and do batches which I pop in the fridge or freezer. 

Plan and organise your week in advance, on the train on your way to work is a perfect opportunity to do this.  It takes me an hour to get to work, I use to catch the train and it’s surprising what and how much you can do when taking public transport for an hour each way per day. 

Schedule your workouts, and treat them as you would your work commitments and girls guides – you can’t not show up!  Looking at your week ahead you’ll also know what pre-prepared meals you’ll need, and when you’ll need to prepare them – schedule that in too. 

Everything else will need to fit in around your diary.  I’m a big believer of the saying “If you want something done, ask a busy person”  so I have no doubt you’ll be able to fit everything into your week that you need to!
Best wishes, you can do this.  We all can. 

Becky B


The excuses are piling up.  I’m eating what I should - and nothing else, but I can’t bring myself to get up at 4:30 am to go to the gym.

Starting work at 8:30am in Surry Hills, I have to be on a train to work just after 7.  I live 25 minds from the gym, and it opens at 5:30. Therefore, if I actually do what I should and go to the gym, I hav to be up at 4:30 to gte ready and out the door to fit everything in. 

I can’t train after work because I have commitments every night - genuine, long standing commitments - such as my Girl Guides (2-3 nights a week).
By the time I get home I’m too tired to eat, let alone cook… But I have to because no one else I live with wants anything to do with the 12wbt. “it’s a waste of time and money”... UGH!!

I’m so annoyed at myself… But every single morning when my alarm goes off, I turn it off, and think to myself, work will be better if I get that extra hour’s sleep…

How do I get myself out of this mindset???

-Caty x

p.s. The next post is one of the (many) replies I received to thiswhen I posted it on a 12wbt forum. How amazing are these ladies!?

Monday, 23 May 2011

My thoughts so far...

Day one, check!

I've just finished day one or eighty-five.

Food: muslei with berries and LF milk, 1 apple, 3 rice cakes with turkey, avocado, cranberry sauce and snow-pea sprouts, and a serve of salmon+asian greens stirfry.

exercise: 45 mins at the gym. 15min Treadmill (1.2km), 12min bike (7.6km), and 8 mins cross trainer (1km), and a few minutes stretching... I felt like I was going to pass out on the cross-trainer, and so I called it a day early... I couldn't walk afterwoods!!!

So here's my theory - I'm not actually hungry. Maybe this program isn't  going to kill me after all!! today was a good day.  My best friend was teasing me with me favourite food - bagels!! But I didn't fold.  I won my temptation battle! 

Here's to a fabulous day one, and to eighty-four more of the same!

-Caty x

P.S. - Thanks to everyone who is following me on my journey.  Especially to the ones who comment, and remind me that other people are as excited as I am about this. I'm sure I'll have to call on you all a lot over the next few months, but I have no doubt that I can do it!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Day one.

This is going to be a LOT harder than I thought.  I had my prescribed breakfast of untoasted muslei with mixed berries and LF milk... three hours later and I'm so hungry!!! And there's still three hours until lunch!!

My neighbour just asked if we could go out for coffee... She nearly died when I told her coffee is off the menu! She asked if I could have juice instead... I just laughed!!

However, I'm feeling good. The rest of my life is starting to get back on track, thank God.  Last week was a total write off - but never again! I'm off to the gym this afternoon, and then to the park with the kids I babysit. 

I'm about to go do my measurements, "before" photo, and weight. I'll post them all here!

-Caty x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

That's it...

I give up. 

Say goodbye to your thoughts of an attractive Caitlin, it'll never happen. As if it ever would... As if I ever had a chance.

I need my comfort food.  I need support from my closest friends and family.  I don't have that.  I need motivation, and I don't have that either.

My biggest inspiration just walked out.  I don't have anyone else to do this for anymore.  Fuck, the season hasn't even started yet.

Sitting here at work, with tears streaming down my face. No doubt someone will mention that I'm not doing work for ten minutes while I write this... Sigh.

I just want to crawl under a rock until someone invents a time machine.  I'd go back and stop myself ever becoming such a horrible person.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Train of Thoughts...

Guilty.  I feel guilty. Every time I eat something, I am consumed by guilt.  I'm making healthy choices. I've halved my meal sizes. And I'm at the gym all the time.  Yet I still can't eat a sandwich without regretting it.  I can understand feeling guilty when there's chocolate or a deep frier involved, but this is just silly!

On another note, I can hardly move... I did weights training at the gym yesterday, and I'm definitely paying for it now.  My abs are so sore! I didn't even know i had  abs, but they're letting me know of their existance now! Ouch!!

I'm doing to do cardio at the gym tomorrow, because I was naughty and didn't go today. 

--Caty x

Side note - I had lunch with the State Comissioner and the State Executive Officer of Girl Guides NSW and ACT today.  NEVER thought that would happen! I was a little star struck... Having been a Guide all my life, I never expected to meet such high-ranking women - but here I am working with them! AWESOME!!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Ups and Downs

As I sit here during the last ten minutes of my lunch break, I'm pondering the week that's just passed. 

Last week started really well - I said no to the staff birthday cake going around (Caramel mudcake - YUM!), and everyone was impressed at my self control.  But it was all downhill from there...

So many excuses, and my best friend visiting from Cairns, and relationship issues meant that I wasn't at the gym for 6 days.  And I missed the first Group Work out.  Very disappointed in myself.

 I found out that I was eating carbs at every meal - and lots of them (did any one else know that tomatoes are mostly carbs?).  So I'm making changes - Slowly.

However, I had my first ever personal training session yesterday - It was great! I felt like a fool, my trainer is so fit and strong - She was lifting heaps and heaps and I was struggling on the lowest settings.  But I'll keep at it, and it'll all be fine.

I hit the gym this morning before work, and I'm paying for it now.  I can hardly move, let alone think.  My back aches, my shoulders, ribs and legs ache. And my head aches - though I can't blame the gym for that one.

I'm so tired - falling asleep at the computer.  But that's okay, I've done everything that was urgent for today, so I can take it a bit easier this afternoon. 

I've planned grilled fish with garlic prawns and salad for dinner tonight, as a welcome back surprise for Shell- I'm excited!! I don't think I'm going to want to cook it though... So much effort!!

I'm so excited to get onto this eating plan with the 12wbt; I hate having to think everything through so much!! I'd rather Mish tell me what to eat and when.  It's easier.

Not excited about the gym tomorrow - though at least I can do cardio and not weights!!

-Caty x

Monday, 2 May 2011


So so good. Just did my first ever Zumba class - so much fun!!! It was really touring - I stopped just over half way and kind of half assed it, but I'll get better! I have a new 1 month goal: finish a Zumba class completely!! It's going to hard cause I won't get to do them regularly. However, I WILL do it!!!

I think I'll be paying for it tomorrow, but right now I feel on top of the world.

-Caty x

The almost failure!

Today I almost lost my battle before I really started. I cleaned out my cupboards today - eliminating all my "no go" foods and such, and donating them to my ever-slim sister. Only one thing remained: one lindt chocolate bunny.

I did well all day- I went shopping, and didn't eat a single thing. Then I went to the gym - it was hell. BUT THEN temptation struck. The bunny was talking to me.. I said no. But then I put it in my mouth anyway. I immediately regretted it, and spat it out and got Michelle to eat the rest. Problem solved!!

Also, can't move. My quads are SO sore. Yes, I know where they are! Haha

I'm up at four tomorrow morning to hit the gym before work- dedication!!!

-Caty x

Sunday, 1 May 2011

As a present to myself, a reward for starting the transformation, I just spent a small fortune on new shoes. I couldn't believe how expensive they were!!!

$200 for a pair of shoes. That's the same price as the course! And I looked into the heart rate monitor I'll need to be able to properly measure my output of energy, another $200!! I don't know where I'm going to get this money from- but I guess I'll find a way!!

Hitting the gym for the first time ever today- I couldn't be more excited!!! Wheeee!!

-Caty x

Pre Season Tast Three - Take Control - Set Your Goal

Here we are again - goal setting!  I wish it was simple.  I have no idea what's realistic, but here's my first shot - I'm excited to be able to edit these and hopefully cross some off as I go!

1 Month Goals

Lose 4 kg Run 1km

How I Will Get There

Follow 12wbt. Start small - 100m sprints. Settle into running slowly - build up stamina.

3 Month Goals

Lose 10 kg

How I Will Get There

Follow the 12wbt program. Keep up regular gym sessions.

6 Month Goals

Lose 20 kg Run 10ks without stopping

How I Will Get There

Follow specific meal plans, train hard. Follow a marathon training program

12 Month Goals

Lose 40kg.

How I Will Get There

Follow the 12wbt right through. Put what I learn into practice and make it a habit. Train hard, eat very well. Non food rewards.

Brick Wall Number One.

Oh my God. 

I just jumped on the scales to help me figure out what my goals should be...


That is HUGE.  I had no idea I'd crossed the 100kg mark.  Massive downer. 

In January this year I was at the 95kg mark, I lost a bunch of weight, and got down to 87.  I have NO idea where this came from. 

Except I do.  I just dind't know it could happen so fast.  I could write a million excuses, but my head doesn't accept them any more! Thanks Mish! But even so, I'm shocked, and slightly horrified at the numbers in front of my eyes.

I guess I will only get smaller from here!

-Caty x

I'm On My Way (Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh)

Yayyyyyy!! I am SO proud of myself.  It's not much, but I got up early, and walked for an hour after I dropped Michelle at work this morning. 

I went looking at various gyms yesterday in search of my new second home.  World Gym was recommended to me yesterday, and they certainly didn't disappoint.  Super long opening hours; so I can fit in training around work, amazing atmosphere; I actually felt like I should be there, the staff; one spent almost 40 minutes showing me around and talking me through everything so i didn't feel so out of place!  This week they're celebrating their third birthday with a free week - so I'm off to the gym this afternoon - and every morning before work this week, to test it out.  I'm thinking this will be it though!

Every where else I went wound up being closed, but upon further research, they either weren't open early/late enough, or, like in the case of Fitness First, were just plain rude.  The staff there made me feel stupid for wanting to join a gym, and who wants to work out in that kind of atmosphere?

But back to this morning.... I woke up at ridiculous o'clock - unintentionally too! Did the usual, including a super healthy breakfast (yay!).  By 5:45 we were out the door and on our way to Shell's work! I couldn't believe myself - the sun wasn't even up!!

Went to 24hour K-Mart to get some walking pants - thank God they don't fall down! And then hit the pavement.  I walked... and walked and walked and walked.  It was great! The cool (or maybe slightly too cold) morning air, music blaring from my iPhone, and the warmth in my legs from the constant movement. 

I'm eternally greatful for Michelle's lesson last night - she taught me a whole bunch of stretches, and we bought a gym ball - which possibly saved my legs today!! I'm super keen to keep going, but let's just say: I'm VERY excited for when my body gets over the shock of exercising!

I'm about to complete Pre-Season Task Three.  Wish me luck in my goal-setting!

-Caty x

Ten Very Lovely Ladies

Yesterday was wonderful.  Slept in for the first time in forever, then hung around home with Shell until it was time to leave - meeting a bunch of women who are doing the 12WBT in the Penrith area.

I'll admit it - I was terrified.  I thought I'd be the only teen among a bunch of 50-somethings, and nothing in common bar excess weight.  Imagine my (pleasant) surprise to find the most amazing group of women!! A few were around my age, some a little older, and some a little older again.  But it was just incredible to see how immediately we all got along. 

Upon the initial meeting, I was withdrawn - I mean, who were these women? I immediately started to regret my decision.  I wanted to fake an emergency, run away - just like I always have. But then Mish appeared in my mind - 'NO MORE EXCUSES' - I wasn't going to let the fact that I hadn't met these women ruin my chances of success. 

So there I was, scared out of my mind, feeling rather out numbered - they all looked amazing and I just felt bloated and yuck.  Two had participated in Round One - and next to them I just looked awful.  But in 12wbt style, I pasted a smile on my face, and started talking through the nerves...

There's something to be said for common interests. Brining a bunch of ten strangers together - we were there for three hours - just talking like we'd been friends for years.  It was... I'm running out of new words..  But it was just the best feeling. 

Erin and Lisa, who'd done Round One of the challenge were so keen to share everything they'd learnt so far, and we were lucky enough to see Erin's before and after photos, which was incredibly inspirational.  I was so impressed with everyone - we all made fantastic choices in lunch, and it was great to see people leaving their chips and breads etc on the plate.  I can't talk - I ate all mine... Though it was delicious!

We eventually parted ways, agreeing to meet once a week for a gourp training session - I can't wait!!

Here's to ten very lovely ladies, soon to be ten VERY sexy ladies!

-Caty x