Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Caty is Committing Herself!!!

Hello there! Today we are goal setting and making commitments. Or, I am.

I'm taking the afternoon to put myself first and catch up on my Preseason challenges for this round of 12WBT. Today I set goals, and I'll put them in concrete tomorrow with my personal trainer (eek!). I also made a commitment. To myself, to Mish, to my partner, and to my best friend.
Now, it should be noted that these goals and commitments range in time frame from two weeks to a year. However, here I am. I'm saying (shouting) it out loud. I'm making myself accountable. Again. Only, this time, I won't let the excuses in. I have committed to myself, and now to you. And I WILL succeed. Watch out world!! Caty's back with a vengeance!!

And here we go:

I am committing myself to my body! No more excuses, no more "I'll do it later". NOW is my time. I'm grabbing this opportunity with both hands!I WILL lose 2kg a week this month. I WILL work out six times a week. I WILL get my 1km time trial under 7 minutes. 
I WILL improve my life. I WILL keep a food diary. I WILL reach
my goal of being 69kg on my birthday (October). I WILL succeed at living with my partner, and cooking amazing, healthy meals for us both. I WILL encourage her to work out with me! And, I WILL find the awesome in every situation.



Monday, 15 April 2013

So, we meet again!

Aaaaaaand I'm back! It's only been (almost) two years, but my head is back in the game! I've signed up for Michelle's 12 Week Body Transformation again, more deterined than ever to succeed!

This time around I'm more prepared. I've spent a few rounds watching on the side lines, and I am finally able to financially support my journey.

It won't be easy though. I've fallen down before, and I know I will again.  But this time, I know I'll get back up and just keep trucking. I'll need your supprt though, who ever you are. Comment away, show me that there is someone out there hearing what I'm saying. Because if I fall this is where I'll come.

I apologise in advance for the endless ranting - for the bombardment of updates. Happy reading!

Caty x