Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Caty is Committing Herself!!!

Hello there! Today we are goal setting and making commitments. Or, I am.

I'm taking the afternoon to put myself first and catch up on my Preseason challenges for this round of 12WBT. Today I set goals, and I'll put them in concrete tomorrow with my personal trainer (eek!). I also made a commitment. To myself, to Mish, to my partner, and to my best friend.
Now, it should be noted that these goals and commitments range in time frame from two weeks to a year. However, here I am. I'm saying (shouting) it out loud. I'm making myself accountable. Again. Only, this time, I won't let the excuses in. I have committed to myself, and now to you. And I WILL succeed. Watch out world!! Caty's back with a vengeance!!

And here we go:

I am committing myself to my body! No more excuses, no more "I'll do it later". NOW is my time. I'm grabbing this opportunity with both hands!I WILL lose 2kg a week this month. I WILL work out six times a week. I WILL get my 1km time trial under 7 minutes. 
I WILL improve my life. I WILL keep a food diary. I WILL reach
my goal of being 69kg on my birthday (October). I WILL succeed at living with my partner, and cooking amazing, healthy meals for us both. I WILL encourage her to work out with me! And, I WILL find the awesome in every situation.



Monday, 15 April 2013

So, we meet again!

Aaaaaaand I'm back! It's only been (almost) two years, but my head is back in the game! I've signed up for Michelle's 12 Week Body Transformation again, more deterined than ever to succeed!

This time around I'm more prepared. I've spent a few rounds watching on the side lines, and I am finally able to financially support my journey.

It won't be easy though. I've fallen down before, and I know I will again.  But this time, I know I'll get back up and just keep trucking. I'll need your supprt though, who ever you are. Comment away, show me that there is someone out there hearing what I'm saying. Because if I fall this is where I'll come.

I apologise in advance for the endless ranting - for the bombardment of updates. Happy reading!

Caty x

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Back on the Horse - Again!

Here we go again - I'm going back to the Gym!  After a bunch of dead weeks, where I did nothing but sit on the couch and munch on Chocolate and Chips, I'm getting back into it. 

My O B-P plan got rejected - I'm seriously angry and disappointed. But onwards and upwards.  I'll give them the best damned O B-P they've ever seen! Which gets me back to the gym...

I've lost 12 kg total, but put another 5 back on in my lazy weeks.  Whoops. So it's out with the chocolate (it's on special this week, too!) and in with the fruits and veggies again.  Out with the TV (and new playstation games) and in with the Gym, and Zumba.

12 WBT's almost over now, one week left.  But this is a lifestyle change, not a short term fix.  I many not be able to afford the program again ($200, ouch!) But I CAN afford to go to the gym, or to walk around the block, or anything to that effect. 

I'm dropping my car off for a service, and walking to the gym from the dealership... Then to Zumba and a walk home.  Excellent! Can't wait!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Shameless (well, shameful) Self Promotion...

So this is the point in time where I get down on my knees and I beg. Yep, beg.

You see, I'm broke. I'm completely, utterly, totally broke.  My credit card is (almost) maxed, and I cannot go to my parents again ofr yet another loan. 

So I turn to you, my friends.  The ones who love me, the ones who don't.  The one's who've been following my journey from the start (thank you!), and those of you just joining me (welcome!).  I turn to you, and I ask the one question I absolutely hate asking.  Please, please, will you sponsor me in my journey? Please - help me get to my goal of showing off my amazing new body at the finale party. 

I need to have at least $100 in the next week or so to be able to book my tickets.  To get myself there, however, and with somewhere to stay, I'm looking at upwards of $400. I'm not expecting that from you guys - don't worry! But anything would help me get to that goal, so I can get my butt to Brisbane!

I've created a facebook page for the fundraising..


I don't want any money given to me yet - of course! I need to make sure I'll have enough to get there before I can book.  But I'm kind of just putting out feelers to see if my goal is a feesable one.

Thank you so much, already.  Whether you look at this and donate, or you laugh at me.  You've all been amazing support for me so far - and I really do thank you for that.

-Caty x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Personal Bests, Perspiration, Persistance, and Positivity!

As I sit here with my legs crossed (those that know me will understand that this is no mean feat...), I'm contemplating the last week...  Of course, in true Caty style, there were plenty of ups and downs, but I'm blogging now becausew I haven't had a positive post in a long time. 

Today was a day of bests. I FINALLY got back to the gym, I got my finances in order (well, prepared to be in order anyway), and all round had an amazing day. Work is finally great again, with my second job starting soon. 

But most exciting was my Gym adventure this afternoon.  Last week, for the first time in 12WBT, I cracked the 500calorie mark in a work out.  Today I went that bit harder, and hit 725! HELL YES!!!!! I smashed all my old records to pieces.  I've been pyshing myself on my daily walk to the station.. incorporating some running/jogging, and it's really showing.  I ran 800m at 9km an hour today - further and faster than I've ver run in my life! wound up walking/running 2.5 km in no time at all...

No rest for the wicked... I went straight onto a bike, to give myself a bit of a breather.  90 rpm on level 6 for 15 minutes. Holy crap that was hard! looked at my HRM for the first time in my workout, 280 calories gone. My immediate reactions: WHAT?! Where? How? Yay! In that order haha. 

Feeling great in my work out AND my amazing purple 12WBT shirt, but needing to give my legs a rest, I moved onto strength...  Chin ups, - new personal best - 20 reps! WOO! leg presses, arm something's (darn these technical names :p) and then more chin ups.  Then steps with 2kg weights. 30 seconds on 10 seconds off. Ouch.

I was sitting at about 450 after this, and determined to beat the 508 from last week, hit the cardio again.  This time on the cross trainer... I don't know whether I've mentioned this before, but the cross trainer and I do NOT get along.  At all.  But I was determined, so on I got.  My record for the cross trainer was 500m at 8km/hour before I had to stop.  Today... Oh my God I still can't believe it... 2km at 9km/hour! AAAHHHHH!!! Yayyyy!!!!

Needless to say, that did the trick.  300 calories more! Almost... I finished the night on 725 calories in one hour and one minute. I haven't felt this good in SO long!

Then I went to mum and dad's - whoops haha.  Had caneloni for dinner... but only one roll! Old Caty would have devoured at least a double serving, but today I had only half a serving. Still overloaded on carbs, damn pasta, but that's okay.

So here's to me... Tooting my own horn, back on the wagon.  Feeling amazing, looking good, and more determined than ever! I'm officially 11.2 kg down, too. Three more kilos until I never have to see a number starting with 9... WIN!

-Caty x

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

One Month On...

So it turns out that I'm terrible at sticking to my word... When it comes to myself at least...  I was doing so well in the first two weeks.  Eating excellently and working out a lot.  And the results were showing it.  I lost 7.5 kg in two weeks - AMAZING!!! Then disaster struck. 

And here are the excuses:
I started socialising you see... feeling confident in my already slimming body.  I went out for sushi.  Not once, not twice.. but FOUR times in a week.  FOUR! I ate really well other than that and was still losing weight - though not as much. 

THEN - excuses piled up.  I got the flu, and didn't get out of bed for three days, and couldn't walk 20m without dissolving into a coughing fit.  So I gave up the gym in order to make myself better (the last time I had a persistant cough it stuck around for 10 months so I really wanted to shake it quickly). 

Unfortunately, a month later, and I still haven't been to the gym.  I haven't weighed in for the last two weeks - I'm almost positive I'm back over 100kg and I don't want to know. 

My eating went to shit... I started just eating whatever.  Hot chips, lollies, chocolate.. you name it.  I felt completely  out of control... but I didn't care. At all.  Even tonight; I had pasta and creamy sauce for dinner.. half a caramello koala... I've all but stopped eating breakfast.. Goodbye, kick started metabolism...

My heartrate monitor arrived in the mail over three weeks ago... I still haven't taken it out of the box.  How awful!! 

I got my 12wbt shirts in the mail yesterday - all the Sydney Ladies (and Men!) got together and organised shirts so we'd regocnise each other etc.  I ordered two - a size 18 for now, and a size 14 for when I'm smaller.  I was so disappointed to find out that the 18 was tight.  And buying a shirt for Guides today - that I had to get a size 20.  The Guides do have small shirt sizes though, but even so - what a confidence killer.  Can't wait to put on that size 12.

I guess, for now, I'm back where I started.  Unfit, obese, in a terrible mindset.  I haven't been able to listen/join in to Michelle's live chats because I have prior commitments on a Wednesday... But I've failed to listen to them later... I haven't watched a weekly video since week three... Haven't even looked  at my meal plan in almost a month.  What the hell am I doing?

I've paid so much money for this course - with things like the heart rate monitor and shirts included, upwards of $500... It's just ridiculous.  And I'm sitting on my ass not doing anything.  I'm so disappointed in myself.

Even as I say that, I can only partially say I'm disappointed.  I am, no doubt, ashamed and angry at myself for giving up so early.  I should have stuck with it.  However, I'm determined to get my life back on track - my work seems to be (finally) settling down, even though that's still going to get worse before it gets better.... But my personal life is on the mend too. 

Enough excuses.  I know I'm weeks behind, but I'm still going to do this.  I've made myself so accountable for this - everyone at work is behind me, people all through my life are supporitng me... Telling me I look great-  even when I know I don't.

I feel like I owe Vanessa - my personal trainer - a huge apology.  I've cancelled on her after being called into work, then cancelled on her again with the flu... Then I just stopped going to the gym.  I need to get back on the wagon.  I need to do it now.  Well - tomorrow.  Tomorrow's going to be one hell of a day, and I'm looking forward to after work when I can settle back into routine, and sweat it out at the gym. 

I'm not excited for work tomorrow - It's going to be stressful and emotionally draining.  But no better way to forget all about it than to flog myself at the gym.  Let's just hope I can walk on Friday!

Oh - also!!  I can FINALLY get back into my Zumba - I've changed Guide Units, so I now meet on a Wednesday, not a Monday.  Meaning no more clashes!! yay for weekly Zumba!!

I hope my posts can be more positive from now on - I feel bad always just whinging and bitching..  But - back on the wagon! Back on track! No more looking back! I CAN do this! No - I WILL  this!!

-Caty x

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

"Week one" - Weigh in complete!

Jumped on the scales on the weekend to see I've put weight on.. Damn.. BUT weighed in this morning like we're supposed to - 4.2kg gone! YAYYYYY

The first hurdle is over.  I still have to do my 'before' photo - I'm going to get Shell to do it tomorrow night :)

I need to figure out what my commitment is - that's one of the pre season tasks I apparently haven't finished.  Hmm....

Anyway, had a FABULOUS day today - there were 13 responses within 40 minutes from the forum I posted on today... All sending me major messages of love and support - all from people I've never met! It was great - made me feel so welcome..

I'm constantly being surprised by these meals - they've all been so tasty! I've mixed up my menu a bit, having things out of order etc... I'm doing my 'treat meal' tomorrow, because I'm going out for lunch with my Aunt.  Which is fine, because I'm taking all my own food for the weekend to camp...

On that note, I have to go prepare - I'm sure I'll be back ranting soon!!!

-Caty x