Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Shameless (well, shameful) Self Promotion...

So this is the point in time where I get down on my knees and I beg. Yep, beg.

You see, I'm broke. I'm completely, utterly, totally broke.  My credit card is (almost) maxed, and I cannot go to my parents again ofr yet another loan. 

So I turn to you, my friends.  The ones who love me, the ones who don't.  The one's who've been following my journey from the start (thank you!), and those of you just joining me (welcome!).  I turn to you, and I ask the one question I absolutely hate asking.  Please, please, will you sponsor me in my journey? Please - help me get to my goal of showing off my amazing new body at the finale party. 

I need to have at least $100 in the next week or so to be able to book my tickets.  To get myself there, however, and with somewhere to stay, I'm looking at upwards of $400. I'm not expecting that from you guys - don't worry! But anything would help me get to that goal, so I can get my butt to Brisbane!

I've created a facebook page for the fundraising..


I don't want any money given to me yet - of course! I need to make sure I'll have enough to get there before I can book.  But I'm kind of just putting out feelers to see if my goal is a feesable one.

Thank you so much, already.  Whether you look at this and donate, or you laugh at me.  You've all been amazing support for me so far - and I really do thank you for that.

-Caty x

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