Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Train of Thoughts...

Guilty.  I feel guilty. Every time I eat something, I am consumed by guilt.  I'm making healthy choices. I've halved my meal sizes. And I'm at the gym all the time.  Yet I still can't eat a sandwich without regretting it.  I can understand feeling guilty when there's chocolate or a deep frier involved, but this is just silly!

On another note, I can hardly move... I did weights training at the gym yesterday, and I'm definitely paying for it now.  My abs are so sore! I didn't even know i had  abs, but they're letting me know of their existance now! Ouch!!

I'm doing to do cardio at the gym tomorrow, because I was naughty and didn't go today. 

--Caty x

Side note - I had lunch with the State Comissioner and the State Executive Officer of Girl Guides NSW and ACT today.  NEVER thought that would happen! I was a little star struck... Having been a Guide all my life, I never expected to meet such high-ranking women - but here I am working with them! AWESOME!!

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