Monday, 2 May 2011

The almost failure!

Today I almost lost my battle before I really started. I cleaned out my cupboards today - eliminating all my "no go" foods and such, and donating them to my ever-slim sister. Only one thing remained: one lindt chocolate bunny.

I did well all day- I went shopping, and didn't eat a single thing. Then I went to the gym - it was hell. BUT THEN temptation struck. The bunny was talking to me.. I said no. But then I put it in my mouth anyway. I immediately regretted it, and spat it out and got Michelle to eat the rest. Problem solved!!

Also, can't move. My quads are SO sore. Yes, I know where they are! Haha

I'm up at four tomorrow morning to hit the gym before work- dedication!!!

-Caty x

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