Friday, 29 April 2011

Pre-Season Task Two - Get Real - No More Excuses

My Excuses and Their Solutions

Internal Excuses

1. I'm not fit enough.
2. I don't have anyone to talk to while I'm exercising
3. There's too many people around.
4. I don't want people to see me
5. I had a really long day
6. I was running around at work
7.I haven't eaten anything bad today, I don't need to exercise
8.I'm not the fattest person in this room, it's okay
9. I've gotten away with it for this long, why change now?
10. It's just one day, I'll do extra tomorrow.


1. If I exercise more I'll become more fit, and more able to do the training that I want to do. Remember that I don't have to be as good as everyone else, as long as I'm the best I can be.
2. Put in your iPod. You'll be more focussed without someone to distract you. 3. So what!? Just go for a walk, no one's paying any attention to you anyway. 4. Again, it doesn't matter. Everyone's going to be doing their own thing, so it's no excuse!!
5. Working out will let you clear your head and work through any problems from the day. If you're tired, walking around the block a few times will increase your energy - More time with Shell!
6. The things you do at work don't count towards your training sessions - they're too instant... You don't do any prolonged activity at work - just chasing a child every now and then..
7. But you've still eaten!! Remember that you have an office job so you're not burning any calories sitting at a desk all day...
8. Remember it's not about size, it's about your health. You might not be the biggest person in the room (yay!) but you know you're still not where you want to be with your health.
9. Because CHANGE IS GOOD!!! And you're changing for the better. Think of all those people you were so jealous of growing up - when you finish this journey you're gonna be hotter than them!
10. You know from experience that doesn't work - remember your 2011 New Year's Resolution? Yeah, it lasted two weeks - don't get caught in that trap again.

External Excuses Within My Control

1. Shell isn't exercising so I don't have to
2. I want to spend time with my girlfriend
3. Between work, Guides and travel I don't have time
4. It's raining
5. It's too hot/cold
6. Shell's got the car so I can't get to the gym
7. I'm on such a tight budget that I can't go to the gym


1.Ask her to come with you - she needs some exercise too! Maybe it can be something you can do together - supporting each other and pushing each other further.
2. Put aside time when you know she'll be at work and work out then - you can still have an hour before bed with her every night.
3. Work is only three days a week. Guide is only a few hours. There's plenty of time before and after work, on weekends, etc. Talk a long walk on your way home from work - or take your sneakers and get off train at Emu Plains and walk home.
4. So go to the Gym.
5. The Gym is temperature controlled. If it's cold outside, you'll be more comfortable when you heat up. If it's hot, incorporate swimming into your session.
6. So go for a walk - you live in a perfect place for walking - go for a walk/jog around your block thre times. If all else fails, call Corey and hit the gym with him.
7. Corey can take a friend for free every time he goes! You never have to pay for it!!!

External Excuses Outside My Control

1. Something happens to Shell
2. Family emergency
3. Work crisis
4. Guides camp


For all: work around it - handle the emergency effeciently, and go for a training session as soon as you can to relieve the tension and stress the emergency has caused. Going for a walk or jog will help you to think through the problems without directly addressing them

-I'm almost positive I'll make up plenty more alone the way, but now I have methods of dealing with them.  But please, if I get off track, direct me back here.

-Caty x

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